Found on Trip Advisor  - 6/2018
Amazing New Art Studio for Kids!!!

Art Me is a new art studio located on Prospect in La Jolla. The owner Sarah is a local mom. She is a realtor who’s extremely passionate about art and children so she opened up her own studio. Art Me is perfect place to host a birthday party and for camp.   I enrolled my daughter in a week of art camp and also hosted a party there. 

Last week, my daughter took camp at Art Me M-F from 9:00-12:00. The owner Sarah made quite an impression on my daughter. She has such an engaging personality and cheery disposition. Every day, my daughter came home talking famous artists and interesting facts that she learned. She drew, painted, made slime, constructed paper flowers, etc. throughout the week. Camp was extremely affordable. It’s $120 for the week and included snacks.   On Saturday, I hosted a private art class with 14 children. I like arranging group play dates. I’ve done ice cream cake decorating, art classes, cooking classes, etc. before. This was hands down the easiest one that I’ve planned and I did it all over email! Sarah was extremely responsive and was receptive to my ideas. I worked with her to select the art projects prior to the class. The children in our group were ages 5-10.   I showed up 15 minutes prior. She had everything set up and her execution was flawless. She had all the ingredients measured out beforehand so the children weren’t antsy. She held their attention as she explained all of the projects. She also had two additional helpers for our group. Our party lasted two hours. The children made bath bombs, scented soaps, and painted a canvas. During break, the children had snacks and beverages. Sarah also had lemon water and hot tea for adults.   I was impressed with my art party as well as with the camp. If you’re looking for a camp or a great place to host a party, stop by Art Me! You won’t regret it!   

Found on Yelp 6/2018

I am so thrilled to have Art Me in the neighborhood! I've had a hard time finding great, innovative classes for my two young children and I'm happy to say Art Me offers just that!

My 2-year-old daughter recently attended a toddler class and she created three lovely, age appropriate (ie, not too complicated for little hands) art projects that I am thrilled to display at the house! She loved her experience and we can't wait to go back. They offer a range of classes for all ages (including adults) and have an event space for birthday parties as well.

It looks like they're still in the process of building their schedule, but I can't wait to go back to see what is in store!

Found on Yelp 7/2018

I brought my two girls, 6 and 8, for summer camp and they had a blast! They learned about a number of famous artists and created art based on those artists. What I liked about this camp was that the teacher really taught them about art, it wasn't just a studio (like some in La Jolla) where the teachers just give the kids a paint brush and let them just splatter around with no teaching or guidance. We are booked for most the summer but would absolutely go back if we have another week to spare. Just a lovely spot.

Found on Trip Advisor 7/2018

A must do!

This is the second week that my 8 year old is with Sarah at Art Me. We signed up for one week and my son begggggged me for another :). And I completely understand why! Sarah is extremely kind, warm, welcoming, and patient. The space that she has created is cozy yet light and airy, and adorably adorned with the kids' art and hers! It is a perfect space to CREATE. If we lived in La Jolla (we live in Nashville), my son would be spending the rest of his summer at Art Me.

Found on Trip Advisor 7/2018

An Amazing Camp for Kids that Love Art

My daughter absolutely loved this camp, Sarah was amazing and so nice to work with. Everyday my daughter came home with a smile on and so excited to show off her projects! She loved it so much we are going back for another week of camp :)

Found on Yelp 7/2018

Sarah and her program are absolutely incredible! Art Me was our 6 year-old daughter's first "camp" without parents.  Sarah and her wonderful students welcomed her with exceptional kindness and warmth.  Our daughter was glowing each day after camp and proudly boasted about all of the fun projects.  Sarah is unconditionally trustworthy and we can't wait for our daughter to return.

Found on Trip Advisor 8/2018

Cute Little Art Studio in the Heart of La Jolla

My daughter had a fantastic time at Art camp! It was the cutest little studio and the owner Sarah was very sweet and good with the kids. The kids used many techniques throughout the week and created some fun masterpieces! Every day at pickup, my daughter and her friend were smiling away!

It was one of the best value camps we've ever been to and even came with snacks! While the location in downtown La Jolla is a bit of a drive to get to, it was surprisingly easy to find parking as it is on the edge of the main area. I definitely recommend to anyone looking for an art camp and we will for sure be back. Thanks for a great week Sarah!