About Parachute


Raychel Long/ Owner and Creative Director

Raychel is the owner of Parachute Studio and a catalyst for the growing art scene in San Diego.  She has been designing fun activities for kids for over 10 years, working on cruise ships, vacation destinations, at schools and in homes.  She founded another local arts organization called Dream Fair, which holds monthly dinner parties for artists to network and collaborate on their projects.  She is on a mission to inspire artists to use art as a medium for sharing the message of a better, more balanced world.  


Anh Pham/ Resident Artist

Anh Pham was born in Saigon, Vietnam and currently lives in Baja, California. There he works, paints and lives as an Artist. Using techniques in every imaginable medium, he creates a very colorful and vibrant style. Whether it is in the realm of realism, portraiture, landscapes, wildlife and abstract, Anh Pham captures motion, stillness, emotion and thought in his art.

Being a self taught refugee from Vietnam, he was able to understand an array of different mediums, getting to know each intimately. Although he chooses the airbrush over all else, he loves the marriage between airbrush and oil painting, the capabilities or water and colored pencils and the mending of acrylics with mediums. By learning and then giving back, this cycle reflects art created by both a teacher and student of life.


Sarah Jacob/ Art Teacher

Sarah Jacob is the founder and curator behind Art Me.  Graduating Cum Laude with a Studio Art degree she has been trained in all mediums. Sarah  practices classical techniques but is innovative with different styles. Sarah encourages an individual's personal style in their creative journey. She enjoys helping with one's personal growth and providing an utmost relaxed environment for both artists and parents.  Sarah's passion is to create and share it with everyone.