Customized Themes

Best art classes for kids near me in La Jolla. Art birthday party. Ideas for a birthday party. A smiling girl is panting on a skateboard with a paint brush in Parachute art studio

Whether it's unicorns, rocket ships, skateboards or SLIME.... We customize each birthday party to create an experience that your child will love!

Great for All Ages

Art classes near me in La Jolla. Young kids (preschoolers) are painting with paint and paint brush on canvas on easels while having an art birthday party at Parachute art studio

We design activities that span all age groups so you can be sure that every child there is tuned in to their creativity!

An Experience to Remember

Art birthday parties for kids near me in La Jolla. Art classes. A boy is watching at his birthday cake with five burning candles

Our art birthday party is the perfect way to gather friends and family to celebrate these special milestones.

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